When people visit with their Miami Beach eye doctor, they may hear a number of complex conditions being mentioned and have no idea what they are. Just like any area of medicine, there are hundreds of complex conditions associated with the eyes. However, most people only hear a few different confusing words when they are with their optometrist in Miami Beach. Going over the most common vision problems will help a patient understand more about what they are dealing with when they are visiting their eye doctor. Cataracts, myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and glaucoma are some of the most common conditions that people will hear about during their visit.

Explaining the Common Vision Problems

Those who hear any of these common conditions will be able to speak with their doctor in Miami Beach more intelligently because they actually know what these words mean. Here are some of the most common vision problems that people deal with:

● Cataracts. This is a condition where the natural lens of the eye becomes clouded, and it’s often easily resolved with a simple optical surgery.

● Myopia. This is the medical term for nearsightedness, or the condition where people can see up close but not far.

● Hyperopia. This is the medical term for farsightedness, or the condition where people can see far away and not up close.

Presbyopia. Similar to farsightedness, but it only happens in people who are older and is caused by aging problems and not genetics.

● Glaucoma. This is a condition that’s related to the pressure in someone’s eyes, and it can lead to blindness if not treated quickly.

Dealing With Common Vision Problems

Depending on the particular problem a person has, dealing with it is likely simple enough. In the case of near or farsightedness (or presbyopia), glasses or contacts can be prescribed by an eye doctor in Miami to correct the problem. With cataracts, a simple surgery can get rid of the lens clouding. Glaucoma is a bit more complex to treat, but it’s often handled with special eye drops or sometimes an eye procedure. However, most people who catch their glaucoma early enough usually never suffer from any type of vision loss. The symptoms of glaucoma are mostly obvious and people get their condition taken care of before it results in damaged optic nerves. Being examined by an eye doctor on a regular basis can help you prevent any type of basic vision problem from impeding your life.

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Originally posted 2017-02-17 21:35:52.