Depression is a recognized health issue that can diminish the immune system and organs in the body, like the eyes. Eye doctors have noticed that depression can affect a patient’s eyesight—never to a degree where the effects are permanently destructive, but still worth getting treatment over.

Symptoms of Depression in Your Vision

In studies that focused on depression and vision, doctors observed that people who were more depressed often had a harder time seeing black or white, and instead would perceive blacks and whites as grays. This was true even for people who were on antidepressant pills and those who were not.

Besides being unable to see colors inadequately, depression can affect your eyes and vision in other ways:

• Sometimes people with depression experience blurred vision. When someone is overly stressed, it can also bring on a migraine, which can cause blurred vision as well.
• Depression can cause people to be more sensitive to light.
• Watery eyes and painful/strained eyes have also been reported in people who suffer from clinical depression.
• Depressed people sometimes see more “eye floaters” than normal. These are the spots that people see in their vision when their eyes are either opened or closed.

How to Prevent Depression From Affecting Your Vision

People who are worried about their depression and how it can affect their ability to see need to take some precautionary measures, including exercises and new ways of thinking. There are also medications that people can take which will help them deal with their current imbalance.

An optometrist can only do so much for people who are suffering from depression medically, but we can recommend other doctors who will be able to help resolve this problem. There’s no need to let an issue that can be resolved affect the rest of the body unnecessarily.

If you’ve always had normal vision and your notices that you aren’t seeing colors so well, they may prescribe further testing for depression.

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