If someone is prescribed contacts or glasses for vision problems, then they are going to be told to wear them at all times by their doctor in Miami Beach. However, there are some people who do not do this because they have heard that wearing glasses can actually harm their vision in the long run. This is not a healthy practice to partake in, though, because a person who has visual problems and doesn’t wear their glasses is going to be causing more damage to their vision by not wearing them. Your Miami Eye doctor will confirm that wearing your glasses is going to correct your vision, therefore removing the strain that you put on your eyes by trying to see normally and preventing future damage. The next time you hear something about your eyes that you are unsure of, be sure to ask your doctor about it during your next appointment.

What Glasses Really Do

Those who believe that wearing their glasses may harm their vision in the long run need to be aware of what the glasses are actually doing for their eyes. Here is what your eye doctor in Miami will tell you if you ask them about your glasses:

  • If you have a vision problem like near or farsightedness, your cornea is not shaped correctly and is not bending light to land on your retina as it should.
  • When light is not landing on your retina perfectly, you are going to strain and squint when trying to see objects either close up or in the distance. This eye strain is unhealthy and may damage your ocular muscles.
  • The glasses are going to correct the way light bends as it enters your eyes, therefore landing on your retina perfectly and allowing you to see normally.
  • Those who continue to not wear their glasses when they should be are susceptible to chronic headaches, eye strain, and discomfort on a regular basis.

What to do If You’re Prescribed Glasses

If you have a prescription for contacts or glasses from your Miami Beach eye doctor, then you need to be sure you’re wearing them at all times. If you are uncomfortable wearing contacts full-time just yet, then get a pair of glasses in addition to your contacts so you are never experiencing your naturally decreased vision. Obviously, you should not sleep with your contacts in, but you should be trying to wear your corrective eyewear at all times when you are awake. The less strain you put on your eye muscles, the better.

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Originally posted 2017-04-22 03:33:02.