An eye doctor in Miami hears a number of questions from their patients on a daily basis, and many of them are based on myths that people hear from their friends or on the internet.  It’s good to know actual facts about your eyes, and also which myths are not true and which ones have some validity to them. Some people believe incorrect myths about their eye health and end up taking bad advice, ultimately causing damage to their vision or eyes in some way. However, discussing the things you hear with your eye doctor in Miami Beach can help you avoid any unnecessary problems you may be causing for yourself. There’s no need to question the things you hear about your eyes when you can simply ask a medical professional to tell you the truth about these myths.

Common Eye Myths People Sometimes Believe

If you have heard some outrageous claims about your eyes and vision lately, then you may be wondering what to believe in. However, a simple conversation with your Miami eye doctor can clear up any false claims you may have heard.

  • Reading in the dark will harm your vision. While reading in the dark may cause eye fatigue and headaches, it will not cause any lasting damage to your eye health or vision.
  • You can look at the sun if you’re wearing sunglasses or squinting. It is actually never okay to look directly in the sun’s direction because no sunglasses are able to block UV rays completely. In fact, staring at the sun during a solar eclipse can cause blindness.
  • It’s okay to skip your regular eye exams or only see your eye doctor when you feel like there’s a problem. You should never skip your annual eye exams because there are many optical conditions which have no symptoms, and can only be found during an optical exam. The sooner a condition is caught, the easier it will be to treat.
  • There’s noting you can do to prevent vision loss. While there are many optical conditions that cause blindness, natural vision loss due to aging can be slowed down by wearing protective eye gear, ingesting the right nutrients and vitamins, and also getting eye exams regularly.

What to do When You Hear Myths About Your Vision

The next time someone tells you something about your eyes, don’t immediately believe them unless they are a qualified medical professional–either an optometrist or an ophtalomogist. Believing in false advice can cause you to damage your eyes significantly. If you are worried about something you have recently heard, then be sure to bring it up the next time you visit your Miami Beach eye doctor. They will be able to verify or disprove anything that you have heard from an unreliable source. The more educated you are about your vision and eyes, the better you can take care of them and preserve your vision.

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Originally posted 2017-04-21 15:32:23.