Night blindness, also known as nyctalopia, is a more of a symptom than a condition. It is where someone has a hard time seeing objects in low light. Those who plan on visiting their Miami Beach eye doctor about this condition need to be aware that they are likely going to get treated for another issue. People who are nearsighted and haven’t been treated for it yet often experience night blindness. In addition to nearsightedness, there are a number of other conditions that can cause someone to experience difficulty seeing in low light. Consulting with an eye doctor in Miami can help someone figure out just what they are dealing with.

What Causes Night Blindness?

People often find that they can see fairly well during the day, but have trouble making out anything at night. Light is the reason that people are able to see images, so it’s natural for someone to be unable to see clearly at night. However, there is an exception to this condition. If someone notices that they are unable to make out objects that other people can see with ease, then they need to visit their eye doctor in Miami Beach to figure out what’s going on.

● Undiagnosed nearsightedness. This condition can cause people to experience difficulties seeing at night.

● Glaucoma and medication for it. Some medications to treat this condition cause the pupil to restrict, which can result in night blindness.

Cataracts. The clouding over someone’s natural lense can cause them to experience night blindness or see halos around objects.

● Diabetes. People with this condition often develop vision problems, and night blindness is one of them.

Keratoconus. This is an optical condition where the shape of the cornea is affected. It often results in night blindness and poor vision.

Treating Night Blindness

Depending on the cause for someone’s night blindness, treatment may be something as simple as prescribing them eyeglasses in Miami Beach. However, if someone is experiencing night blindness because of glaucoma, their condition may be a little more complex to treat. Most people who experience this can speak with their eye doctor and resolve it one way or another, though. While it’s a burden to deal with while present, people who take the right actions to deal with it can often be rid of their issues in no time.

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