Contact lenses are extremely useful optical aids that are made out of a substance that’s known as Hydrogel. Hydrogel is firm enough that it will not be easily torn, yet malleable enough to remain on someone’s eyeball as they go about their day. Your eye doctor in Miami can tell you more about how the Hydrogel substance allows oxygen to permeate it, thus providing the eyes with proper oxygen. People used to have problems with optical oxygen deprivation in the past from wearing contacts that were made out of actual glass. However, because glass contacts haven’t been in use for more than almost 100 years, you will likely have to ask your eye doctor in Miami Beach to further educate you on the history of the convex lens.

Facts About the Convex Lens

Most people wear their contacts and never think twice about their actual prescription and what it means–the vast majority of people simply visit their Miami eye doctor, get a prescription, then wear either their contacts or glasses. However, those who are interested in learning more about their contacts may be pleased to find out these facts about convex contact lenses:

  • Convex lenses are only prescribed to patients who have been diagnosed with hyperopia, or farsightedness.
  • The center portion of a convex contact lens is much thicker than the outer portion. This is because the Hydrogel material acts like glass in the fact that it will allow light to penetrate it, but still has the capability of bending the rays.
  • The thickness of a farsighted person’s particular contacts will depend upon measurements and examinations the eye doctors get from their patients.
  • The purpose of a convex contact lens is to bend the rays of light so they converge and land on the retina perfectly. A farsighted person’s eyes normally cause light rays to land behind the retina, in which case a convex lens can correctly manipulate the light so that it ends up directly on the retina, thus solving a person’s visual complications.

The Significance of Convex Contact Lenses

After learning this information about convex lenses, you are likely wondering how it will change your perception of contacts or cause you to act differently in the future. However, knowing the intricacies of your contact lenses should not change the way you handle them at all. Your Miami Beach eye doctor can tell you more interesting information about your eyes if you are a naturally farsighted person. Knowing more about your eyes allows you to communicate more effectively with your eye doctor in the future, should the need to modify your current prescription arise.

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