Many people are surprised when their Miami optometrist tells them that people with green eyes have specific traits associated with them. Studies have been conducted to find connections with certain eye colors and personality traits, and links have been found between them. For instance, those with blue eyes are physically more tolerant to alcohol. There are certain personality traits that are associated with the known eye colors, and the traits are normally very accurate. If you have green eyes and are wondering what traits are linked to your particular eye color, then you can ask your eye doctor in Miami to explain what’s known about those who have green eyes. Your eye doctor will be more than happy to inform you about what is currently known.

Shared Traits Among People With Green Eyes

One interesting bit of information eye doctors in Miami may tell you is that it’s estimated that only 2% of the world’s population has naturally green eyes. This is one of the rarest known eye colors there is. Here are some of the traits that are linked to people who have this rare eye color:

● Intelligence. People who have green eyes often possess sharp minds and highly motivated in life. It’s common for someone with green eyes to be able to focus on a task even when they are in a distracting environment.

● Creativity. Those with green eyes often have a creative skill of some sort. Some can write, draw, play music, or put together other things that take a lot of creativity.

● Jealousy. Although people with green eyes likely won’t be happy to hear this, most of them are more jealous than those with other eye colors.

● Passion. It’s common for someone with green eyes to be very passionate about the things they do– everything from school and work to personal projects and goals.

The Appearance of Green Eyes

Previously, it was believed that one dominant gene was responsible for the emergence of green eyes in a child. However, Miami eye doctors are now aware of the fact that as many as 16 genes can affect the color of a person’s eyes. Theoretically, a person can be born with any eye color regardless of what their parents and other family members have. This usually isn’t the case, though, because genetic influences often determine the outcome of a person’s eye color. More often than not, a child will be born with the same color eyes as one of their parents. If both parents have the same eye color, then there’s a very strong possibility that their child will have the same color eyes as them, though it’s not definite.

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