One of the most interesting things a Miami Beach eye doctor will tell their patients about is the fact that people with different eye colors will display different personality traits. Numerous studies have been done on people with various eye colors, and connections between the color of their eyes and specific traits have been found. For example, if you have green eyes, then there’s a chance that you’re a strategic thinker and have exceptional intelligence. One of the most common eye colors in the world is brown, which is why many people will ask their optometrist in Miami Beach about what personality traits people with brown eyes are likely to display.

What Do Brown Eyes Mean?

If you’ve been thinking about asking your doctor in Miami Beach if your brown eyes mean anything, then you’re likely to hear some interesting responses. Here are the main traits associated with people who have brown eyes:

● People with brown eyes tend to be independent. They don’t mind living alone, and they are often self-sufficient.

● People with brown eyes often don’t care too much about material possessions. They appreciate moments more than material objects.

● Those who have brown eyes often go out of their way for the people they love.

Brown Eyes Overall

Brown eyes are the most common in the world, but they do have a lot of meaning. Your eye doctor in Miami may tell you that people with brown eyes are creative and intuitive, but you still need to do some research for yourself. You may be surprised to find out how many different traits are associated to having brown eyes, and you’ll likely be surprised at how many match yourself. The gene for having brown eyes is a dominant one, which is why a child is more likely to have brown eyes even if one of the parents does not have them. There have even been cases where both parents do not have brown eyes, yet their child was born with them. Be sure to speak with your eye doctor about the color of your eyes the next time you visit them.

photo credit: Reflect in the eye via photopin (license)

Originally posted 2017-03-17 15:27:47.