Right after the brain, the eyes are the most complex organs in the human body. Your Miami eye doctor will be able to explain more about just how intricate this organ is if you wish to ask them for in-depth details. Because of how complex this organ is, it is not possible to transplant an entirely new eye. While there are certain parts of the eye that can be transplanted, such as the lens or vitreous humour, transplanting an entire eye is impossible because of the complex optic nerves that connect the eyes to the brain. The optic nerves are probably the most important part of the body that make vision possible because they are what sends electrical signals to the brain. To learn more about their relationship, you can ask your eye doctor in Miami Beach to explain the complex interactions between the optic nerves and the eyeballs.

The Complex Inner Workings of The Eyes

Many people don’t realize just how complex their eyes really are. When you look at something, there are dozens of things happening in an instant. Eye doctors in Miami will be able to tell you all about what actually happens inside the eyeball.

● The optic nerves consist of tons of tiny fibers that connect to the back of the eye and travel to the brain.

● Everybody has a blind spot in their vision, which is not visible because it overlaps with the blind spot in their other eye. This spot is where the optic nerves connect to the retina in the back of the eye.

● The optic nerve connection to the retina is what makes the surgery currently impossible.

“Eye Transplants” That Are Possible Today

If you have heard people talking about eye transplants before, it’s because they are referring to an operation where a portion of their eye is transplanted. There are some parts of the eye that can be donated to another person, and there are some parts that can be replaced with synthetic versions of their original. There are many eye operations that are available today, and some of them are not so invasive and very beneficial. For example, Lasik eye surgery is used to help people see normally and doesn’t involve much down time. It can also remove the need for wearing eyeglasses in Miami Beach. Ask your doctor about this surgery if you are interested in putting down your glasses for good.

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