Miami eye doctors are often asked about the different parts of the human eye and how they contribute to a person’s ability to see. One of the most interesting and important parts of the human eye is the ciliary body. The ciliary body actually consists of two important parts–the ciliary muscle and the ciliary epithelium. The ciliary muscle controls the shape of the eye’s natural lens, and the ciliary epithelium is responsible for producing aqueous humour, or the fluid inside of the eye. The ciliary body is also the part of the eye that connects the iris and the choroid. If you wish to learn more about this crucial part of the eye and exactly what it does, then be sure to ask your doctor in Miami Beach to explain more during your next visit.

Ciliary Body Functions and Problems

Some people experience problems with their ciliary body, which results in optical conditions that can potentially lead to complete vision loss. Your eye doctor in Miami will likely tell you these things about your ciliary body in regards to how it functions and potential problems that relate to it:

  • The ciliary muscle (part of the ciliary body) is responsible for changing the shape of your eye’s lens. This is so you can look at objects close up and focus on them, then at objects in the distance without any issues.
  • The ciliary epithelium produces and secretes aqueous humour, which is the fluid inside of the eye that regulates optic pressure. If the pressure is too high in someone’s eyes, optic nerve damage can occur.
  • When someone is having problems with their intraocular pressure, it usually is because they are developing or currently have glaucoma. Glaucoma can lead to blindness if it is not treated promptly and effectively.

Dealing With Problems Related to the Ciliary Body

If you have been diagnosed with glaucoma, then there are many things that your eye doctor will attempt in order to treat you. Obviously, surgery is going to be the last resort option and only considered if alternative treatments are not effective. Some people can correct their pressure issues simply by wearing eyeglasses in Miami Beach, while other people need to use special eye drops that help them regulate pressure inside their eyes. If glaucoma is caught early enough, then it can likely be treated without having to resort to a surgical procedure. This is why it’s so important to be sure that you get examined by your eye doctor at least once per year.

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