People often ask their doctor questions when they are coming in for a routine visit so they can learn more about their body and the things it does. One thing that a Miami optometrist finds they are often asked to explain is the visual reflex system. People know that they can move their eyes and body in any way they want, but they may not know that there are some reactions which are automatic. These automatic reactions are known as reflexes and happen in order for a person to protect their body and eyes in the best way possible. The human body is a magnificent thing and will go through a number of automatic processes in order to protect itself. You might be shocked when you hear the things Miami eye doctors will tell you about the visual reflex system.

How the Visual Reflex System Works

When your eyes or body are at risk of physical damage, your body is going to automatically do what it can to protect itself from harm. Here are some of the things you may hear when asking your eye doctor in Miami Beach to explain more about the visual reflex system:

  • The eyelashes play a major role in how your eyes protect themselves. If something touches your eyelashes without you being prepared for it, you will naturally close your eyes to protect them from harm.
  • The eyes also automatically look at an object that could potentially hurt you in order to provide you with time to react. If a baseball is flying at you from the other side of the room, your eyes are naturally going to lock onto the ball to prepare you for what’s coming.
  • Your eyes react naturally in response to something that could be potentially harmful to your body, but so will your limbs. In the aforementioned baseball example, you are likely going to automatically raise your arms to protect yourself from getting hit.

Other Information About the Eyes and Reflexes

It’s important to mention that people who are prescribed eyeglasses in Miami Beach should wear them at all times. The glasses are going to provide a level of protection for the eyes. When someone is looking at an object, their eyes are going to stay locked onto it regardless of how their head moves. This is also considered a reflex and is something that happens naturally for most people. There are, however, some people who have problems with this reflex and therefore express issues reading off of a paper due to slight head tremors. The eyes play a major role in how a person reacts to something automatically, so it’s important to make sure that your eyes are healthy and working properly.

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