When a person notices that they are not able to see at night as well as they used to, they are likely going to make an appointment with their doctor in Miami Beach to discover what’s going on. Night blindness is also called nyctalopia, and it’s when a person can see normally during the daytime, but not as well at night. In most cases of night blindness, a person is suffering from another optical condition that’s causing it. Night blindness is usually a symptom of an underlying vision problem rather than a disease on its own. Those who are experiencing this problem need to speak with their Miami eye doctor so they can figure out the root of the problem and correct the issue. Night blindness can be a dangerous symptom, especially for those who drive frequently after dark.

What Can Cause People to Experience Night Blindness?

There are cells the eye that allow a person to see objects in low-light conditions. If they are not working properly, then a person will experience night blindness. Here are the most common reasons an eye doctor in Miami sees people suffering from night blindness:

● Glaucoma. This condition is characterized by excess pressure in the eyes, and it can cause people to experience night blindness.

● Medications taken by people who suffer from glaucoma can also cause night blindness.

● People who suffer from undiagnosed nearsightedness can also experience this symptom.

● If a person is developing cataracts, they may not be able to see so well at night.

● Diabetes is another medical condition that sometimes has night blindness as a symptom.

How do People Have Their Night Blindness Cured?

Those who are developing the inability to see at night are probably wondering what can be done to correct or reverse the problem. However, the treatment for a person’s night blindness is going depend entirely upon what the cause of it is. Some people may simply need to get a new glasses prescription from their Miami Beach eye doctor, but other people may need to have surgery if the cause of their night blindness is cataracts. For those who are diabetic, controlling their blood sugar properly is likely going to resolve the issue. In most cases, correcting night blindness only requires a simple adjustment or a minor procedure.

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