Many people are concerned about their eye health, which is why they ask their eye doctor in Miami Beach what they can do to protect their eyes. Everybody knows they can get a sunburn on their skin if they are exposed to sunlight for too long, but many people aren’t aware that their eyes can also get sunburned too. Obviously, a sunburn on the eyes is going to be different than one on the skin, but it can happen nonetheless. In the event of a sunburn on the eyes, the affected person should see their Miami Beach eye doctor as soon as possible so they can get a prescription for antibiotics. After the eyes sustain a sunburn, the most common thing that happens after is an infection in the eyes.

What Are Sunburned Eyes Like?

One of the main things people ask their eye doctor in Miami is what sunburned eyes actually feel like. Many people, especially those with lighter colored eyes, are sensitive to light already and don’t know what it feels like to have sunburned eyes. Here are the main symptoms of this condition which is also known as photokeratitis:

● An extreme sensitivity to light. Those who think they may have sunburned eyes need to take note of their light sensitivity. If an average lighting situation is causing discomfort, it’s an indicator that the person has sustained a sunburn on their eyes.

● Many people experience pain in their eyes after they get sunburned as well. The eyes will be swelling after they get damaged, which is why they will likely be in pain. They will also be more watery than normal.

● The condition is usually temporary because the eyes heal quickly. The rays from the sun will have damaged the outer cells on the eyes, which causes the pain, but it should be healed within a few days; if not, then it’s likely that an infection is forming.

How to Prevent Sunburned Eyes

Those who are wanting to keep their eyes as safe as possible need to ask their optometrist in Miami Beach about everything they can do to ensure their eyes are protected. In most cases, people only need to wear a wide-brimmed hat or to wear sunglasses while they are exposed to sunlight. The reason eyes get sunburned is because they have direct exposure to harmful rays from the sun. People need to be careful about this condition because eyes that continually get sunburned can start to experience a number of problems.

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